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Fitness Training Goals

What flexzone is all about

With our state of the art facilities and fully seasoned staff, you can rest assured you are in good hands. It is our duty and commitment to ensure you are taken care of to the utmost degree.

You will see results, guaranteed. With proper physical and dietary assessment before you begin training with our staff, our programs are specially designed to fit your individual specific needs.

We know time is of the essence. Our programs are designed to collaborate with your everyday schedule. It is all part of the formula. This way, you are training when it is most convenient for you.

Improve your mind, body and soul

Lifting weights is just one aspect of being fit... It is crucial to focus on one's mental and spiritual shape to provide an overall healthy, happy life and good sense of well-being. Start relieving stress today and join us in one of our yoga, meditation, or other classes.

Our Personal Trainers

Only the elite at flexzone

John Smith


Becky Adams

Yoga Instructor

Billy Wicker

Personal Trainer

Certified Trainers For You

We seek only the best of the best personal trainers. All trainers selected are at the top of their class and undergo thorough background checks. Our trainers also go through extensive training at Flexzone before they are able to train our members.

Membership Benefits

Free assessment with any package


$20 / Mo

  • Access to All Facilities
  • Monthly Nutritional Plan
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  • ---
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$40 / Mo

  • Access to All Facilities
  • Monthly Nutrional Plan
  • Weight Trainer Access
  • Yoga Trainer Access
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  • ---


$60 / Mo

  • Access to All Facilities
  • Monthly Nutrional Plan
  • Weight Trainer Access
  • Yoga Trainer Access
  • Meditation Trainer Access
  • Health Spa Access

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Join Flexzone now and for a limited time offer, we are giving out memerships for half the price! Call us crazy, but we are dedicated to turning society into a healthier place, one person at a time.

Training Videos

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